Work Study & Internships

This first step in applying for a work study position is obtaining approval from Financial Aid.  Once approved, the student will be contacted by Human Resources (during the initial hiring season the beginning of each fall semester) or by Financial Aid (not during the initial hiring season).

During the initial work study recruiting the beginning of each academic year, Human Resources emails all eligible students with a link to the Work Study Self Service website and instructions for applying for positions.  Once hired, students must complete payroll paperwork with Human Resources before beginning work.  All positions are first come first served; students who are not approved initially will be added to a wait list until further positions become available.

All positions filled in the fall are for the entire academic year.

All student positions on campus are paid $7.25 per hour.

Internships on campus are not paid internships and are only for academic credit toward graduation.

Once hired for a position, students must report to Human Resources in Stowe Hall, Suite 115 to complete all payroll paperwork.  These documents include:  Employee Information Form, W4, NC4, I9 (must present original identification as indicated on the I9) and direct deposit form (this is required of every student).

Work study positions are not available during the summer months.

This varies per month; students must follow the student payroll calendar to ensure timely payment.

The direct supervisor in your respective department is responsible for signing timecards before they are submitted to payroll.

Paychecks are direct deposited into your bank account.  Please note that the first payment may not be direct deposit depending on the timing of submitting your banking information.  In this case you will be required to pick your check up from Human Resources in Stowe Hall, Suite 115.  In this event, you will be notified by Payroll to pick up your check.

We do require direct deposit for all students to avoid this issue.  However, if you do lose a non-direct deposit check, we can only issue a new check once the original has been confirmed as a stop payment; this could take up to two weeks.

We do not pay early in any situations.  However, with direct deposit you will still have easy access to your funds on pay day.

With direct deposit you will receive your funds even if you are not on campus, but we will mail your pay stub to your permanent address on record.