Student Life

Clubs & Organizations

There are more than 20 clubs and organizations on our campus. For more information visit our main website here: Clubs & Organizations.

Getting involved is as easy as going to an interest meeting, or going to the Crusader Fair the first week of classes in the fall semester. Student Life often send out emails and other advertising materials with information about upcoming events and programming.

Many students involved with a club or organization state that their involvement has helped them get better grades because they learned organizational and time management skills. Your time in college will help you find a balance between your academic studies and life outside the classroom. What you do outside the classroom can improve your in-class performance.

The Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Student Government Association (SGA) are the two largest student-run organizations on campus.

CAB is composed of student chairpersons and committee members that handle a large portion of the campus weekend social events. CAB’s events include hosting bands, comedians and other fun events to entertain our campus community. CAB hosts a free event almost every week. If you have ideas for fun and engaging activities to do on campus, please stop by the Office of Student Life to share them with the Director of Student Activities. Student Life will do their best to bring those things to campus with your help.

SGA is composed of students from each academic college and class that govern the student body and their concerns. They meet weekly, serve on faculty committees, provide input on College policy, and offer financial assistance to clubs and organizations. SGA freshman elections are held every September and there are four seats open for the freshman class.

Ask a member of any group you are interested in or ask any staff member in Student Life and they will point you in the right direction to become involved and get engaged. Student Life finds the more an Abbey student engages in the life and community of Belmont Abbey College, the better their college experience is. Your engagement in things outside the classroom can make the difference between a great college experience and an average one.

That depends on you and how much time you have to spend.

As a first year student, it is key to get adjusted to your living arrangement and settling in to your classes. Your first semester is a good time to look into clubs and organizations that are geared towards your interest(s) and/or major(s).

Each Fall, Student Life plans the Crusader Involvement fair where you can learn about the clubs and organizations on campus.  Student Life schedules this event right after new student orientation so you can get involved as soon as possible with their great list of clubs and organizations. You may join a group anytime, so approach a member and ask when their next meeting is scheduled.  They would love to have you come and see what they do. The Office of Student Life also has a contact list of all the clubs and organizations on campus.

Please stop by to find out how to get involved!

There is a process Student Life asks of new clubs and organizations to ensure that the pursuits of the club or organization will serve both the students and mission of Belmont Abbey College. First stop in to fill out the forms required to be approved. These forms include an application, bylaws, a constitution, an advisor agreement and a note about how this club will help foster community here at the Abbey. The request is then submitted to the SGA for approval and then to the Dean of Student Life for final approval.  Make an appointment to speak with the Dean of Student Life to discuss the possibility of starting a new club.

You will need to discuss your activity with the Coordinator of Student Life or Director of Student Activities, located on the 2nd floor of the Commons. Student Life will check that there will be no conflicts with other activities and we will help reserve your needed resources on campus.

The Office of Student Life can take care of publicizing your activity for you.  They have the ability to reach all students and all faculty/staff members. All flyers and advertising must be approved by the Office of Student Life before being posted on campus. Unauthorized flyers will be taken down.

Belmont Abbey has an active Greek system with three sororities (Alpha Sigma Pi, Tau Kappa Delta, and Epsilon Sigma Alpha) and two fraternities (Sigma Alpha and Kappa Sigma). Greek organizations offer students the opportunity to enhance their college experience in a unique environment.

Our Greek organizations plan a number of activities throughout the year.   Events which reach out to local children are favorites. In addition, each organization supports and engages in philanthropic work through fundraising, community service, and awareness campaigns. Formal recruitment for the sororities and rush for the fraternity are held in both the fall and spring semester. Students are not eligible to rush in their first semester of their freshman year.

For more information, contact The Office of Student Life 704-461-6724

Yes, we have an SGA which meets weekly. For more information about SGA, visit the SGA webpage.

Student Activities

Charlotte, Belmont and Gastonia all have a lot to offer. Check out our weekly Abbey News email newsletter for all the events happening every week.

Regular activities on campus include:

  • home games for the various sports
  • CAB sponsored events
  • games in the Quad such as frisbee or volleyball

Go to the Abbey Athletics page to find out more information on Belmont Abbey’s robust programs. Belmont Abbey is a NCAA Division II school that competes in the Conference Carolinas. For questions about Belmont Abbey’s athletic programs, please call 704-461-6809.

Belmont Abbey has an on-campus fitness room open to all students, faculty and staff which is located on the lower level of the Wheeler Athletics Center.  There are times when the fitness center is closed for athletic team use. Please contact the athletics office (704-461-6809) for more information and open hours.  As an additional option, all traditional students are also able to use the Stowe Family YMCA at no cost.  Your student I.D. will be required to verify your status as a Belmont Abbey College student. Transportation is not provided to or from the YMCA.

Yes.  It is located in the lower level of the Wheeler Athletic Center. Operating hours are posted on the door.

Catholic and Benedictine. Campus Ministry attempts to create a community of faith in the academic environment. Making every effort to assist students in the formation of a Christian conscience, Campus Ministry helps to enable students in making good moral judgments according to gospel values. Campus Ministry takes an essential part in the Mission of the College and shares the goal of forming students who profess and live an integrated, authentic Christian life.

We invite you to participate in programs Campus Ministry offers to the Belmont Abbey College community. Take advantage of the many opportunities to serve others, to learn more, and to grow spiritually. Campus Ministry at Belmont Abbey can enrich your time on campus. We welcome your participation in our programs and look forward to meeting you.

For more information on everything our Office of Campus Ministry can offer you while at Belmont Abbey College, please go to: Campus Ministry.

The Intramurals program at Belmont Abbey College provides an opportunity for students and members of the Abbey community to engage in structured sports for recreational purposes. Every effort is made to ensure a level, fair playing field so different student groups are able to interact on the field.

Fall semester season sports are sand volleyball and football, and spring semester season sports are ultimate Frisbee and soccer. Throughout the year there are single day events and tournaments that include wiffle ball, dodgeball, basketball or other special events.

For more information on intramural sports, please contact the Office of Student Life at 704-461-6724.

There are numerous events and activities available to students throughout the year. Check out the Campus Ministry page for more information.

During the school year, the monks of Belmont Abbey open all of their prayer services to students, faculty, staff and the general public. For more information on their schedule, please visit:

During the school year, Mass is available in the Basilica at 5:00pm Monday-Friday, Saturday at 11:00am and Sundays at 11:00am and 7:00pm.

The 7:00pm Mass on Sunday evenings is primarily for the student population.

For private reflection, you may visit the Belmont Abbey College Saint Joseph Adoration Chapel located near the Residence Halls.  The chapel is open to the Abbey community and the public daily from 6:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Yes. Most activities sponsored by a college office on campus are free of charge.  If there is ever a fee associated with an event, it will be clearly posted on advertising materials.

You will receive emails to your student email account with activities. Student Life typically sends out a weekly list, a reminder for a daily event and a weekend email for things happening on campus and in the local area.

Students are required to check their emails daily so they never miss any important information.