Career Services

Job Search/Career Development

Yes, Career Services can help you determine professions that you may want to explore prior to graduation. 

Yes, Career Services works with all students regardless of major.

In most respects, the process is the same for currently enrolled students and alumni.

All professional positions at Belmont Abbey College are posted on the College website and are processed through the Belmont Abbey College Human Resources Department. Find all current positions here: Belmont Abbey Careers.  

Web Services

    • The Office of Career Services and Internships uses Handshake. Students can access Handshake at You can also make an appointment through Handshake using your Abbey credentials. 
    • Belmont Abbey College Career Services & Internships Facebook page also promotes career fairs, positions, and articles regarding career development.

Graduate School

The Office of Career Services and Internships can assist you with applying to graduate school.

Career Fairs

Career Fair information is listed on the Belmont Abbey College Career Services page. Information is also emailed to all current students as career fairs approach and flyers are posted around campus.

Take the time to prepare for the fair and Career Services offers a workshop to assist you in your preparations.  Be sure to research not only the career fair but also the organizations that will be in attendance. Know which positions organizations are hiring for and be prepared to present yourself as the best fit for the position and organization. 

Career Counseling

By calling the Career Services Office office at 704-461-6873 or email When requesting an appointment be sure to include your schedule. 

Yes. Please contact the Career Services Office and schedule an appointment to discuss career and major options.

Yes. Career Services uses the Focus assessment to help students determine occupations that fit their personality, values, interests, and skills.

Resume and Cover Letters

Most recruiters prefer one-page resumes; however when an applicant has a tremendous amount of relevant experience or the position is upper level management, the candidate can extend to a two-page resume.

Absolutely. Career Services regularly reviews resumes and cover letters.

Once your resume is ready to be sent electronically be sure to save and send the documents as PDF files.

Almost always. The better question is when can I omit a cover letter? You can omit a cover letter at a career fair or networking event.

Identify yourself and explain that you are following up to see if your resume has been received.


Yes. You can schedule an appointment with the Career Services Office to rehearse for a specific interview. The office also holds mock interview panels each semester where corporate recruiters help students practice interviewing skills.  

Visit, call, or email the Office of Career Services and Internships.

This all depends on the working environment. When interviewing you should always dress up even for the most casual of working environments. If the working environment is very casual, i.e. jeans, then you should wear slacks and a button-down shirt. If the working environment is more conservative then you should wear a dark suit (and tie for men), with a light shirt, preferably white. 

The Office of Career Services and Internships can assist you with samples.

There is no set rule here regarding the number of questions. You should ask pertinent questions based on your research of the organization and the position. Remember, a good interview is like a conversation with a lot of back and forth between the candidate and interviewer, with both parties asking questions.


Yes. For many majors, students are required to participate in an internship as part of their degree requirements.

Applying for an internship is similar to applying for a job. You must first research the internship you are interested in and then apply to the organization with your resume and cover letter. 

Before starting an internship, students must complete an internship agreement with their internship supervisor. Once the internship agreement is signed, the internship must be approved by the Director of Career Services and Internships, who then in turn, registers the student for the internship.