Stay Up to Date & Stay Safe

Understanding Official College Communications

Belmont Abbey College is committed to consistently updating members of our college community with appropriate information to keep you informed, to contribute to our community environment, and to keep us all safe and secure. 

At the request of student leadership, the college is taking new steps to improve our college-wide communications to achieve these goals. 

Please read this document carefully to ensure that you are aware of the various levels of official communication. Doing so will ensure that you have the best, safest college experience at the Abbey.

Primary Communications

The college is shifting to sending text messages followed by emails as its primary communication tool. To ensure you stay in touch with the college, you must sign up for the Crusader Alert at this link. We use a system called Everbridge, which will allow us to text you an alert or other messages. We will title each message clearly to distinguish the purpose of each message.

We recommend you create a ‘contact’ on your phone when you receive a message and name it Belmont Abbey – so you have clear recognition of the college when you receive a message.

The text message may include a link for more information stored on a website that will reflect ongoing updates. An email will follow important notices with the same link and may have additional information.

Types of Communication


Crusader Alert
In the event of an immediate threat to safety, you will receive a text titled “CRUSADER ALERT” (all caps) with instructions on taking shelter. If you do not confirm reception of the text, the automated system will also call and email you to ensure you receive this urgent message. This call will override silent or “do not disturb” phone settings.

An “All Clear” message will follow to notify you to return to normal activities.

Safety Updates
In the event of an ongoing safety issue, we will communicate via text and email a link to a regularly updated page that contains the important and updated information. We will title the text and email “Safety Update.”

Abbey This Week
You will receive a weekly “Abbey This Week” text update on Sunday mornings for upcoming weekly activities via a web link followed by the Abbey This Week email. We may also send reminders of special events during the week as well.

We will communicate via text and email with the title Need-to-Know for any new updates about ongoing campus information such as construction, new programs related to your college experience, or important information that may require you to take an action or impact your day-to-day activities. These will likely include a link to a webpage with the most up-to-date information.


Abbey News
For other communications that are less urgent but still important regarding campus activities, events, academic updates, etc., you will receive an email from the Abbey News email address. These are often campus-wide communications important to everyone, but not urgent.

Timely Warnings/Campus Safety & Police
Our campus police email ( will send a message titled Timely Warning about non-immediate but ongoing potential threats. For instance, we will notify you about issues, concerns, or crimes committed on or near campus where a potential threat remains. Parking issues/concerns/updates will also come from Campus Safety & Police.

Abbot Placid
Abbot Placid as chancellor of the college and Abbot of our monastery will send messages regarding spiritual matters, make important announcements (births, deaths, Masses, prayer requests), or may have other important updates he will send via email from his personal email (

Office of the President
Dr. Bill Thierfelder, president of the college, will also send his weekly update message, and will also provide you with important updates regarding issues of concern to the whole college. A message from the president is one you should review as it may impact you in an immediate way or contain an important update you should understand. He also uses his personal email (

Other Email Communications
The following organizations may also send you emails with important information regarding their specific area and limited to only part of our community.

Campus Ministry:,
Student Life:, 
Office of the Provost:
Human Resources and Operations:
Bookstore/Catholic Shoppe:
Accessibility Services:
Abbey Players:,
Arts at the Abbey:
Student Government: